Acousticom's Historical Timeline

Benjamin T. Cochran / Founder

Benjamin T. Cochran


Jean A. Cochran / Founder

Jean A. Cochran


For more than thirty years, Acousticom Corporation has been producing innovative, high-quality audio communication equipment. Since being founded by Benjamin Thomas Cochran (US Army CPL) and Jean Ann Cochran in October 1980, Acousticom has developed an exceptional reputation for its first-rate headsets, earphones, microphones and cable assemblies.

Our products are manufactured in the United States at our facility in Elkhart, Indiana. Acousticom has continually developed and made advancements in communication technology for many leading aerospace companies and the Department of Defense over the past three and a half decades.

Acousticom Corporation is family owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generation family members.

The Acousticom Difference

From the beginning, Acousticom has distinguished itself in a number of ways. They include:

  • Exceptional Customer Service – Flexible manufacturing processes, personalized services and on-time deliveries are all par for the course with Acousticom.
  • Dedicated Employees – Our employees pride themselves in producing high-quality products – and it shows.
  • First-Rate Plant and Equipment – The Acousticom plant in Elkhart, IN is outfitted with some of today’s best, most cutting-edge equipment and technology. The latest in precision robotics, along with employee-aided and semiautomatic production equipment, are all put to good use.
  • Unbeatable Quality – Our in-house quality control system can handle commercial and military production compliance. Our quality inspection processes can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Our Services

Acousticom continually strives to provide the best services to our customers. A few ways in which we do so include:

  • Topnotch Customization – We use many different methods – including computer-aided design, prototyping and first-piece sample testing – to produce audio communication equipment that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. We can also upgrade or convert many types of flight helmets and headsets to meet general, commercial and military aviation requirements.
  • Convenient Repair and Replacement Services – Acousticom can repair and replace the components on most out-of-warranty competitor headsets, saving you time, money and frustration.

Our Products

Since we first set up shop back in 1980, we’ve prided ourselves on offering the most high-quality, reliable audio communication equipment around. Through the years, we’ve provided such equipment to many esteemed customers, including the Department of Defense and many major aerospace companies. Browse through our website to get a feel for what we have to offer; check back regularly, too, because we’re always developing new and innovative products.

In addition to offering a comprehensive array of quality audio communication equipment, Acousticom is proud to offer the Sound Egg Chair. With its unbeatable combination of style and topnotch surround sound capabilities, the Sound Egg is just one more example of Acousticom’s enduring commitment to quality and innovation.