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Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7. 2011 – Acousticom Corporation today announced the Meditation Station™ Chair presented by GoodTrueBeautiful, Inc., a refinement of Acousticom’s Sound Egg Audio Chair that makes the already-beneficial practice of meditation even more effective and easier to incorporate into daily life. Acousticom, located in CES booth 5321 in the North Hall, Grand Lobby, is demonstrating the Sound Egg Chair throughout the 2011 International CES. Live demonstrations of the Meditation Station Chair are available at the GoodTrueBeautiful store in Washington, D.C.

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As explained by Joel Cochran, Acousticom’s Director of Public Relations, “The Meditation Station™ utilizes the Sound Egg’s isolation features to achieve serenity.” By incorporating those isolation features, the Meditation Station™ becomes a ready-made sanctuary from the noise and distraction of everyday life. It provides an enveloping cocoon that makes it easy to effect the transition from the daily fray to a place of serenity and peaceful isolation. For many people, finding a private space away from distractions is a real obstacle to getting the most out of a meditation session. The Meditation Station™ makes it possible to experience that place of peace and silence whenever the time is right.

Acousticom has recognized that not everyone gets the most out of meditating in complete silence. For those who find sounds conducive to meditation, the Sound Egg Chair includes built-in speakers that provide an unparalleled audio experience. This is the perfect environment for listening to ambient or natural sounds on CD or for experiencing recordings specifically designed to enhance the practice of meditation. With or without sound, there is no better way to create a personal retreat from distraction and stress, and nothing else that so easily welcomes the meditative state of mind.

The Meditation Station™ is presented by GoodTrueBeautiful, Inc. and a live demonstration is available at its store located in Union Station in Washington, D.C. As part of its mission, GoodTrueBeautiful donates 10% of the proceeds of its sales to the Golden Phoenix Foundation, a charitable organization. The mission of the Golden Phoenix Foundation, in light of the widespread neglect and institutionalization of orphaned children in many countries, is to end child abandonment throughout the world.

The Sound Egg chair, which made its debut at CES in Las Vegas in January 2010, is the latest in a long line of innovative products by Acousticom Corporation. Acousticom was founded by Ben and Jean Cochran in October of 1980; the company recently celebrated its 30th year in business. During those thirty years, Acousticom has produced topnotch microphones, earphones, cable assemblies and headsets. Their customers include many major aerospace companies and the Department of Defense. A series of exciting changes – especially the debut of the Sound Egg audio chair – have recently brought Acousticom back into the limelight.