Hammacher Schlemmer

Acoustic Immersion Pod - OrderHammacher Schlemmer is one of America’s most venerable retailers. Since 1848, the company has been offering the public some of the most innovative, cutting-edge products in the world. The two German immigrants who founded the company in NYC’s Bowery District carved out a great niche for themselves by offering “hard to find” merchandise. Over time, Hammacher Schlemmer earned a reputation for being the first to offer unique products like microwaves, electric dry shavers and pop-up toasters. It’s fitting, then, that the highly regarded retailer is shining its spotlight on the Sound Egg Chair.

A Natural Choice…

Given the fact that Hammacher Schlemmer puts innovation and technology front-and-center, it makes sense that the Egg Chair is being featured by the retailer, who dubs it the “acoustic immersion pod.” As a cutting-edge audio chair, the Sound Egg is a shoo-in for Hammacher Schlemmer’s broad product catalog. Discerning shoppers turn to the retailer in order to find utterly unique – and exceptionally useful – products. The Sound Egg fits the bill on both counts, providing a richly immersing audio experience along with an exciting design. One thing’s for sure: Anyone who lays eyes on an Egg Chair is immediately taken with its appearance.

An Added Bonus…

One of the great perks of ordering products through Hammacher Schlemmer is the fact that the retailer offers a lifetime warranty on everything that they sell. Therefore, you can enjoy the exceptional benefits of the Egg Chair along with the backing of a highly reputable retailer. With that kind of guarantee, there’s no good reason not to invest in this exciting product. There’s no other audio chair out there that comes close to matching the Sound Egg’s amazing characteristics. If you’ve been thinking about buying your very own Egg Chair, you can’t do much better than Hammacher Schlemmer.

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